Lenticular postcards are a marketer’s dream. Their compact size makes them ideal for simple, targeted mailings, as well as larger, more full-fledged campaigns. Motionprint and 3D postcards cut through the clutter of today’s crowded letterboxes, encouraging retention, and dramatically raising response rates. They’re perfect for introducing new products, announcing upcoming events, or keeping in touch with customers on a regular basis.

You only have a few seconds to capture your customer’s attention, and what better way to achieve this than with a creative animation or 3D postcard with which to tell your story.

Get longevity from your direct mail campaign! Customers will not only remember the visual experience, and therefore your product or service, but they will hold onto the lenticular card and interact with the animation again and again, and even willingly show it to others.

Studies show that a lenticular postcard promotion is up to 3 times more effective in grabbing attention than traditional advertising. Lenticular printing can be a POWERFUL addition to brand-building programs. Viewers will spend almost DOUBLE the amount of time engaging with a postcard featuring a lenticular image. Brand affinity can increase TWO-FOLD, with a boost in brand attraction when a marketing message is conveyed on a lenticular mailer.

  • Lenticular postcards make great front-counter handouts, box stuffers, and trade show materials.
  • Use lenticular postcards as a call to action. Enclose them with marketing materials and include them as a mailer with your mailing address for an easy customer response.