How to use the product price calculator.

Hover over “PRICING” on the main menu to reveal lists of product categories. 

Move your cursor over the desired product category and click to select it.

Products within the category then display.

Decide on a size and click “select options” for the product’s price calculator page to appear.

  1. Select a “Size” option by clicking on an animated image…landscape or portrait orientation, with the effect changing top-to-bottom or left-to-right. A price indicator hints if one combination is more expensive ($$) than another ($). Once you’ve made a selection, you’ll notice the “Lenticular effect” heading appear below.
  2. Select a “Lenticular effect”. If you can’t see the desired effect, try changing the direction of play in Size above. For instance, a 3D effect will only ever be available if the lens direction is vertical such that the effect plays left-to-right.
  3. Select a “Printing” option. Any printing on the back (4/1 or 4/4) will present the choice of a gloss or matte varnish.
  4. Select a “Quantity”.
  5. Select any “Finishing” options which may present. Some might be preselected when no choice is provided.
  6. Click on “Add to Cart”. If you’ve inadvertently missed any mandatory selections, a red warning will appear, otherwise the Cart page will appear.
  7. A product summary is listed. Scroll down to the CART TOTALS, enter your shipping details, and select a TNT Express option.
  8. To edit the product, click “Edit options” at the top of the product summary list. If you make any changes, then options that follow are reset and you’ll need to reselect them. Click “update” to return to the Cart.
  9. Click “Proceed to Checkout”. If you’re already logged in, then your details will be prefilled in the left column. Guests will need to enter their details and a new account will be established when the order is submitted. Customers can choose to pay a 50% deposit or in full. Payments are accepted offline by direct deposit into our bank account. Payment and artwork submission information is presented after the order is placed.
  10. Login to “My Account” (top right corner of the page) to see your order.

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