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Welcome to Bart Kelsey Lenticular Printing – specialist 3D Lenticular and Motion Lenticular print production -Australia.

What is a lenticular print?

A lenticular print is composed of two parts: (1) the front side clear columna lens array, orientated vertically or horizontally, on top of and through which is seen (2) the underlying interlaced print. 

The lenticular lens projects the print’s spliced image strips at different angles from its surface. When each eye is presented with a slightly different viewpoint/image of the same scene, similar to how our eyes view the world due to their horizontal separation, then one can appreciate depth (3D). Alternatively, if the exact same image is presented to both eyes, and then refreshed with a new set of images as the angle of view changes relative to the print, then Motion effects are appreciated (Flip, Animation, Video, Morph, or Zoom).

3D Lenticular Motion Print Optics

Lenticular FX

Lenticular Products

Business Cards
Counter Mats
DVD/Blu-Ray Case Wraps
Event Passes/Tickets
Fridge Magnets
Greeting Cards
Header Cards
Marketing Cards
Membership Cards
Note Books
Plastic Cards
Playing Cards
Shelf Strips
Tent Cards

Our service

Bart Kelsey specialises in lenticular print manufacture. Production spans one off large format inkjet panels through to commercial litho offset runs up to A3+.

We excel in delivering bespoke projects which typically demand a custom size, shape and finish.

We bring your ideas to life with Motion and 3D lenticular special effects.

We encourage creatives to exploit the power and impact of lenticular print to engage, captivate, and entertain their audience.

We invite you to use the power of lenticular print to communicate your message in a novel way and stand out from the crowd.

We’re here to deliver your vision.


Highly reputable Australian lenticular print manufacture.
Specialist plastic printers -small format offset lithographic printing and large format digital inkjet printing.
Premium USA made Lenstar Plus lenticular sheet.

Expert advice

17 years experience in lenticular prepress & production.
5 years as the Australasian technical sales representative for Lenticular Plastic Companies (LPC) in Australasia.

Fast & secure

We stock lenticular plastic here in Australia.
We print in Australia.
We quote all inclusive pricing & delivery.
Avoid the risks of offshore production.
Avoid exposure to fluctuating exchange rates.
Avoid surprises with import fees, duties & taxes.

Why us?

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