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1. Litho offset printing -(for mass production) on thin plastic; typically up to A3.
Lens direction parallel to long side of the sheet.
Lenticular sheet thickness up to 0.46 mm.
A traditional printing method employing printing plates  (one for each colour) and sheet transfer from one colour ink station to the next (Black, Cyan, Magenta and finally Yellow).
A much more complex and expensive set up than with digital inkjet printing, but higher resolution and much more economical for longer runs.

2. Digital inkjet posters from A2 through to 1.2 m wide x 1.8 m high.
Lens direction parallel to 1.8 m dimension.
Lenticular sheet thickness of 1 mm.
No printing plates and much less set up waste than with litho offset printing.
Quantities of 1-100 or so.
Ideal for Flip and Motion effects. Only modest 3D (depth) effect possible due to the thinness of the stock.
Murals are possible, but conditions apply.

3. Digital inkjet 3D posters and murals (tiled panels)
Maximum sheet size 1.2 m wide x 2.4 m high.
Lens direction parallel to 2.4 m dimension.
Lenticular sheet thickness up to 3.25 mm.
Manufactured in Canada.
Ideal for deep 3D effects and high frame, smooth animation effects.

Refer to the pricing page: click here.

Inkjet proofing: 2-3 business days for Motion, and up to 5 for 3D.

High resolution proofing: 3-7 business days.

Custom run litho offset production: typically up to 3 weeks from final proof approval.

Inkjet poster production: up to 2 weeks from proof approval (Australia and Canada).

Custom run litho offset printing generally caters for quantities starting at a few thousand postcards, and from 250 A3 posters. 

Gang-run litho offset printing: 1,000 units at either 150 x 100 mm, DL or A5. The lens direction is parallel to the long side for DL and A5 prints. 

Large format inkjet printing allows for as few as one print.

It’s recommended to increase quantities where possible to take advantage of lower unit pricing.

Such a small quantity would be too expensive for most clients as a standalone job.

Sometimes though, there may be spare room on an upcoming job. If the print and finishing requirements match, then we might suggest running them together. 

You’re invited to use the contact form to inform us of your specifications and deadline. Then, if such an opportunity arises we’ll be in touch. Be aware that your artwork needs to be ready to go at short notice.

Digital printing is only available for inkjet printed posters, A2 and larger.

A proof of concept may be possible without any commitment to proceed to a production run. Just ask.

There is of course a higher up front cost as this fee would normally be subsidised when included as part of an overall job. However, if you do subsequently order a print run, then if there are no artwork changes, this aspect will have already been paid for.

Payment for such a proof must be prepaid in full prior to commencement of work.

No. There are offshore businesses which cater for these requests.