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Yes -small format.

1. Offset printing
1.1 Custom run service for time critical, small format, mass production.
1.2 Gang run service for non urgent requirements; order in multiples of 500.
Sizes: up to A3.
Lenticular stock: Lenstar Plus75 LPI (0.46 mm), and Ecolens 100 LPI (0.33 mm).

Refer to the Pricing page: click here

Inkjet proofing: 2-3 business days for Motion, and up to 5 for 3D.

High resolution B&W proofing: 3-7 business days.

Custom run offset production: typically up to 15 business days from final proof approval.

Custom run offset printing generally caters for quantities starting at 2000 postcards, 1000 A5 cards, or 250 A3 posters. We can cater for fewer prints, but recommend double the quantities just listed for more desirable unit rates.

Gang run offset printing allows customers to order their design in lots of 500 cards at a very affordable rate. The trade off is potentially a protracted wait until we can confirm we have sufficient participants to proceed.

Formerly I would have referred you to a company which catered to such requests at very affordable rates. Unfortunately, they terminated that digital print service during the 2020 Covid outbreak.

So, if you’re only looking for a small quantity of prints, then unfortunately I’m unable to assist.

No, not to the quality I’d be happy to supply.

A proof of concept may be possible without any commitment to proceed to an offset print production run. Just ask.

There is of course a higher up front cost as this fee would normally be subsidised when included as part of an overall job. However, if you do subsequently order a print run, then if there are no artwork changes, this aspect will have already been paid for.

Payment for such a proof must be prepaid in full prior to commencement of work.

The only remaining lenticular sheet I have available for sale is a boxed pack of 5 sheets: 20 LPI PETG, 2.2 mm thick, 47 degree viewing angle, made in the USA.
Sheet Size: 22” W x 28” H (559 x 711 mm) with lenticules parallel to 711 side.
Pack of 5 sheets: $255 + GST
Delivery: extra or arrange your own pick up from Mitcham VIC 3132
Packaging details: 60 x 75 x 6 cm   7 KG
1 pack = 5 sheets available for purchase by the pack only

Terms: prepaid

No other lenticular sheets are available for purchase. A Google search will assist you to locate businesses which sell packs of lenticular sheets -most likely from offshore.